Yohan ramon - percussion


Social Mambo is my personal project, and ensemble that unifies the musicians and the music I feel closer to my soul. 

Social mambo

SOCIAL MAMBO is a musical experience inspired by the West-Coast Latin Jazz scene in 1950-60s California. The band consists of some of the finest Cuban musicians and friends. I profoundly enjoy performing with them, and they inspire me to level up to a higher standard of playing improvisations and arrangements.

The incredible Yasser Pino, a phenomenal musician, a great friend, and one of the most valuable bassists and arrangers in the Latin music scene, is on the bass. In the rhythm section, we have the multi-awarded Eliel Lazo, a master of congas who has played with legends like Herbie Hancock and Michel Camilo. And on the vibraphone, we have the one and only Morten Grønvald – a multi-instrumentalist and arranger whose musical prowess has no limits. We also share the scene with musicians like the excellent vocalist Ernesto Mannuitt and the tremendous Cuban trumpeter Carlos Sarduy.

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Habana Blues